Berkeley Lab

Weekly Seminar

Berkeley Electrochemistry Seminar Series
2017 Schedule

Monday Seminars begin promptly at 3:00 PM in LBNL Building 62, Room 203

Monday Discussions begin promptly at 3:00 PM in LBNL Building 70, Room 191

Discussions rotate through three different topics in the following order: New Oxide Cathode Materials, Oxide Surface Stability, Si Anodes

Note: 70-191 or 62-203 are reserved most Mondays (except for LBNL holidays) from 2:30 PM until 4:00 PM, so that seminar speakers can arrive early to check their presentations, or discussions can begin earlier if need be.

January 2Holiday (New Year's Day)NO SEMINAR SCHEDULED
January 9 Discussion, 70-191: Si Anodes
January 23Meiling Sun (LBNL)Wei TongSeminar, 62-203: Exploration of Novel Sulfate-based Positive Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries
January 30 Discussion, 70-191: New Oxide Cathode Materials
February 6Vince Battaglia (LBNL)Seminar, 62-203: Sizing, Costing, and Testing of Batteries for the Grid
February 13Discussion, 70-191: Oxide Surface Stability
February 20Holiday (Presidents' Day)NO SEMINAR SCHEDULED
February 27Hilda Buss (UCB/LBNL)Bryan McCloskeySeminar, 62-203: Design of High Transference Number Battery Electrolytes
March 6Discussion, 70-191: Si Anodes
March 13Rohini Bala Chandran (LBNL)Adam WeberSeminar, 62-203: Understanding Transport and Chemical Phenomena in Solar-Fuel Generators for Hydrogen and Syngas Production
March 20Discussion, 70-191: New Oxide Cathode Materials
March 27CANCELEDSeminar, 62-203: CANCELED
April 3Discussion, 70-191: Oxide Surface Stability
April 10Chixia Tian (LBNL)Marca DoeffSeminar, 62-203: Structural Stability of Nickel-Rich Layered Cathode Materials
April 17CANCELEDDiscussion, 70-191: CANCELED
April 24Wang (Jack) Kan (LBNL)Guoying ChenSeminar, 62-203: Structural and Electrochemistry of High Energy Lithium-rich Materials
May 1CANCELEDDiscussion, 70-191: CANCELED
May 8CANCELEDSeminar, 62-203: CANCELED
May 15Discussion, 70-191: Si Anodes
May 17Amartya Mukhopadhyay (IIT Bombay)Seminar, 62-203: Correlations Between Microstructure, Dimensional Scale, Phase Transformation, Stress Development and Electrochemical Behavior of Electrode Materials for Li-ion Batteries
May 22CANCELEDSeminar, 62-203: CANCELED
May 29Holiday (Memorial Day)NO DISCUSSION SCHEDULED
June 12Discussion, 70-191: TBD
June 19Julian Self (LBNL)Kristin Ceder-PerssonSeminar, 62-203: TBA
June 26Discussion, 70-191: TBD
July 3Seminar, 62-203: TBA
July 10 Discussion, 70-191: TBD
July 17Nitash Balsara (LBNL/UCB)Seminar, 62-203: Ohm’s Law, Polymer Electrolytes, and Lithium Batteries
July 24Postdoc DiscussionDiscussion, 70-191: Postdoc Discussion
July 31Seminar, 62-203: TBD
August 7Discussion, 70-191: TBD
August 14 Seminar, 62-203: TBD
August 21Discussion, 70-191: TBD
August 28 Seminar, 62-203: TBD
September 4Holiday (Labor Day)NO DISCUSSION SCHEDULED
September 11Seminar, 62-203: TBD
September 18Discussion, 70-191: TBD
September 25 Seminar, 62-203: TBD
October 9Discussion, 70-191: TBD
October 16 Seminar, 62-203: TBD
October 23Postdoc DiscussionDiscussion, 70-191: Postdoc Discussion
October 30 Seminar, 62-203: TBD
November 6Discussion, 70-191: TBD
November 13Seminar, 62-203: TBD
November 20Discussion, 70-191: TBD
November 27 Seminar, 62-203: TBD
December 4Discussion, 70-191: TBD
December 11 Seminar, 62-203: TBD
December 18Discussion, 70-191: TBD

* Note: Change in time or location