Venkat Srinivasan’s research interest is in understanding electrochemical systems.  He works with a team of researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab as part of the Batteries for Advanced Transportation Technologies (BATT) program, involved in solving the multitude of problems that prevent lithium-ion batteries from being used in electric-, hybrid-electric, and plug-in-hybrid-electric vehicles. BATT is funded by the US DOE, as part of the Vehicle Technolgies program.  Venkat’s interest is in combining electrochemical experimentation on controlled geometries with continuum models to understand problems.

Venkat is also the program manager of the BATT Program.

Venkat writes a blog titled “This week in Batteries” or TWIB.  Click here to read the blog.

Click Srinivasan Overview for a presentation that explains the BATT Program (May 2009).  I will update this in the next few weeks.

Click here for information on the course on batteries that Venkat taught in spring 2010 with Maureen Tang.  This is a follow up of the course that was first offered in Fall 2008.  Venkat will be happy to share the class notes for the sections that he taught.

Click  status_of_batteries_for_vehicles to see a presentation of the present status of batteries for HEV, PHEV, and EV applications.  The file batteries-for-vehicles describes the information in the slides in detail. This is a collection of information from various sources (which are acknowledged).  If you would like me to remove/change something let me know.

Click here for a mindmap of the thought process that one could use to identify problems in vehicular batteries, the goals, and what one can do to address these limitations.  The map was made using Freemind.  As the name suggests, its free. Its Java-based, so it works on a PC, a Mac, and on Linux.  You may need to hit the “reload” button on your browser a couple of times and clear any Java-related errors to see the map.

Please send Venkat an e- mail if you have any questions.