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The New York Times and Bill Gates Hail CalCharge Battery University

“This summer, San Jose State University (California) will offer the first classes of CalCharge Battery University, a series in its professional development program intended to train a work force for the next generation of battery makers. The curriculum is being developed by experts from the emerging battery storage sector – mostly from the San Francisco Bay Area – and will focus not only on developing the technology, but also on ways to make it cost-effective and realistically usable in electric cars, renewable energy or smartphones and laptops” wrote the New York Times on April 8.

Bill Gates hailed the idea and stated it was a great idea to offer a “battery university” for this fast growing and critical industry.

CalCharge is a partnership between Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and CalCEF, a family of nonprofit organizations working to promote the transition to a clean energy economy. CalCharge will bring together battery technology developers, major end-users and other stakeholders focused on consumer, transportation and grid-scale applications. CalCharge will provide groundbreaking mechanisms for conducting collaborative research projects with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and its partners.

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