Berkeley Lab

BMR – Electrode Materials

  • Advanced Cathode Research

    Studies on High Capacity Cathodes for Advanced Lithium‐ion Systems, Jagjit Nanda (ORNL) Development of High Energy Cathode Materials, Ji‐Guang Zhang (PNNL) Novel Cathode Materials and Processing Methods, Michael Thackeray (ANL) Exploiting Co and Ni Spinels in Structurally Integrated Composite Electrodes, Michael Thackeray (ANL) In Situ Solvothermal Synthesis of Novel High Capacity Cathodes, Feng Wang (BNL) Advanced Cathode […]
  • Si Anode Research

    Stable Operation of Silicon-based Anode for Li-ion Batteries, Ji-Guang Zhang (PNNL) and Prashant Kumta (U. Pittsburgh) High Capacity and Long Cycle-Life Silicon Carbon Composite Materials and Electrodes, Gao Liu (LBNL) Pre-lithiation of Silicon Anode for High-Energy Lithium-ion Batteries, Yi Cui (Stanford)