Berkeley Lab

Advanced Diagnostics Techniques


The Advanced Diagnostic Group uses state-of-the art tools to investigate the natural processes that limit the lifetime and performance of batteries.

BMR Diagnostics

  • Sulfur Electrodes

    New Lamination and Doping Concepts for Enhanced Li‐S Battery Performance, Prashant Kumta (U. Pittsburgh) Simulations and X‐ray Spectroscopy of Li‐S Chemistry, Nitash Balsara (LBNL) Novel Chemistry: Lithium Selenium and Selenium Sulfur Couple, Khalil Amine (ANL) Multi-Functional Cathode Additives for Li-S Battery Technology, Hong Gan (BNL) Nanostructured Design of Sulfur Cathodes for High-energy Lithium-sulfur Batteries, Yi Cui […]