Berkeley Lab

About Vince

My group heads the Cell Analysis effort at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  We specialize in battery design and electrode development.  Our primary focus is electrode fabrication and identifying sources of electrode failure.  We have put on-line our manual for fabricating Li-ion electrodes and coin cells.  This manual will be updated as we discover better ways and procedures for making Li-ion batteries.  We hope to get your feedback on your experiences.  We have recently started an effort on flow batteries; a critical infrastructure technology for handling energy from renewables.  The group is composed of Research Scientists, Students, and Visiting Scholars (in alphabetical order).

Yan Feng – Li/S cells

Yanbao Fu – electrode analysis

Wenfeng Mao – Mn-rich cathodes

Yunjian Liu – Ni-rich cathodes

Xiangyun Song – materials characterization